EuRuKo is one of the most popular “Ruby-Oriented” conference held annually.
Probably any Ruby developer attended there or at least heard of it.
It’s also very known from the fact that among other brilliant speakers also Matz is also there (remember all the time about MINASWAN) 😎
In the last couple years, it was held i.a:
  • Salzburg (AT) 2015
  • Sofia (BG) 2016
  • Budapest (HU) 2017 
  • … and in this year (after 3 years) … again in Austria! (and after 11… Vienna – where it was organized in 2007)
Just a side-note. When it comes to me – this is funny but almost to the last day before the event, I didn’t have a ticket 😭😭
Official ones were sold out long ago, but… luckily I managed to repurchase from one colleague that cannot attend, yay! 😱


It’s no need to convince anyone that Vienna is a wonderful and charming city. If you never visited it – please rethink your plans. It’s definitely – a great experience.

“Typical charming Vienna street…”
This year a venue was Arcotel Wimberger – a well-equipped **** Hotel in a really good location.
When it comes to organization – from my point of view this was definitely the best EuRuKo I personally ever been to (especially its together my 5-th time). 
Starting from the registration process, offered meals (traditional dished), drinks, staff and foremost …all the inspiring people around with so much positive energy and attitude!

Also cool and generous sponsors. Among tons of bags & stickers, I’ve got from ladle from Cookpad, nice t-shirt from Heroku and even there were offered icecreams from MeisterLab.
Unfortunately, demand for Official EuRuKo-Mugs was soo high that no left for me 😭.. but eventually, I got socks. Not bad at all!


What is worth to mention that was conference staff was extremely friendly and also paid a lot of attention to CoC aspects, see: Its surely a topic for another discussion, but if someone feels better due this – it’s probably worth doing it.

When it comes to speakers/talks worth to mention: (Of note the list is subjective depending on my feelings):

Day one

  • As usual, Matz opened with its Keynote
    • This year (my subjective review) talk was not overly technical as it used to be. Nevertheless, few of future plans for Ruby language were introduced.
  • “Metaprogramming for generalists” – by Chris Salzberg
    • This was an interesting overview of metaprogramming concepts and it contains some cool hints I definitely gonna try on!
  • Rails anti-patterns: how not to design your database – Brad Urani
    • Personally, for me, this talk was nothing really revealing (as I’ve already cut my teeth for DB/AR optimizing shit), but generally – all was nicely presented and very good opportunity for the recap. As well an enthusiasm of the speaker was very cool! 
  • “Ruby not red: color theory for the rest of us” – Louisa Barrett
    • Not especially ruby-oriented talk at all but very, very informative. I need to admit I’ve never heard about these diseases and wasn’t aware there are so many variants of color blindness. Definielly worth watching – especially in order to make as developer more accesible solutions!


After day one there was a party which was another opportunity for a better networking! 
It was organized in one Vienna Club called “The Loft”
There was a great atmosphere inside (including some free alcohol 😎) but there was one big disadvantate. (Im aware …. its independend of organizers). Inside it was terribly stuffy.
Numerous additional fans did not help too much so that.. personally I cannot stand longer than 2.5h 😥
But so far I enjoyed and have a good time meet some inspiring people.

Day Two:

  • “Scaling a monolith isn’t scaling microservices” – Kerstin Puschke
    • She described i.e how guys from Shopify handle with decoupling and long running queues. And gave a lot of valuable hints. Imo the best technical talk from this year! 
  • Plenty of interesting lighting talks
    • My favourite one was a funny talk by @maz_power who described “how not to build microservices” – brilliant stuff! 😉
  • An empathy exercise: contextualising the question of privilege” – Amr Abdelwahab
    • Again not really technical talk at all, but one of favourite. Honestly, I didn’t realize about many of problematic mentioned during ring talk but definitely It makes me think. The quickest summary – it’s not worth to be an asshole 💩
Of note – in case you cannot attend – you can watch all of the talks on EuRuko site


As usual, at the end of day two, there were voting for next organizers. 
There were three candidates -> (Bristol UK, Plovdiv BG, and Rotterdam NL). 
Unfortunately I lost my voting card and were not allowed to do it – due to the risk of potential cheating, but anyway, my favourite city (Rotterdam) won! 😁




  • Vienna – beautiful and charming city!!!!
  • Nice speakers and topics (not only technical list)
  • The density of nice people fascinated with ruby at one place 💪
  • Great organization (staff, bags etc, accessibility, CoC)
  • The fact you could meet and speak Matz personally 😉
  • Cool sponsors
  • Streaming talks on YT (which is not a rule everywhere)


  • On day one – inside a club was very stuffy and sultry
  • Vienna is not an easy (and cheap) if someone arrived by car and want to park 🙉
  • I’ve lost the voting card (my fault) but no one said me (I’m gonna need it on next day)
  • I cannot grab my mug 😓
What to say more? See you next year in Rotterdam!
I’m Piotr, a senior software engineer at UNECT.
If you have any questions feel free to ask at