Let’s say you are an experienced Ruby developer. You know a lot of gems, patterns, people and you visited many conferences. I’m sure you’ve heard about wroclove.rb, didn’t you? No? Seriously?


Wroclove.rb takes place every year in March, Wrocław, Poland since 2012. For people from Germany name Breslau may be more familiar. For Nick Sutterer, author of Trailblazer, it’s simply “vrotz laugh”. But there is nothing to laugh about. It’s serious conference, for serious developers. How serious? Organisers state, that it’s called “the best Java conference in the Ruby world”.

This is accurate description. This year the whole conference was dominated (again) by topics such as domain driven design or event sourcing. For some of you it’s nothing new. Concepts introduced 13-14 years ago. But believe me or not, there were many new, young faces at the conference. And to be honest, I still didn’t have occasion to use event sourcing nor fully follow DDD. I had however occasion to use Trailblazer last year. And you know what? I still believe that knowing what is DDD, SOLID or even Yourdon methodology is more valuable than knowing any programming framework.



If you didn’t participate, I can highly recommend it next year. You will not only have opportunity to listen to good talks, but also to meet with highly skilled Polish developers and visit one of the most beautiful cities of Poland… which actually looks more like a German one. Tickets are very affordable (less than 75 euro for 3 days), as well as visiting our country in general, so take a chance!

If I convinced you, but you don’t want to wait for next year, you can still watch the talks online. They are all available on a wrocloverb YouTube channel. Check out organisers web page as well: https://wrocloverb.com. And of course, you can visit Poland anytime!



By the way, I’m Maciej Ciemborowicz, a software engineer at UNECT.